David’s telltale of Worlds


Your life just improved by about 12%... and all you did was find my site! Well done. While you’re here, have a look around. I’ll treat you to a delicious set of photos and lotion for your ears... and of course my very own propaganda. If that wasn’t enough, I also have a blog! Everyone has a blog. I have to have one too.

This site is mainly about me and what I do. It’s been around for a few years now, in various shapes and sizes, and provides me with that oh so important online presence. Check back every once in a while for updates and possibly new material as I haven’t quite decided yet where the limit will be...

welcome to my online blurb!

“And we’re standing outside of this wonderland, looking so bereaved and so bereft, like a Bowery bum when he finally understands, the Bottle’s empty and there’s nothing left”

-- mark knopfler.

“Mesmerize the simple minded, propaganda leaves us blinded”

-- system of a down